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Jul 5, 2021

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Why It’s Hard To Sell Yourself?


Why is it so hard to sell yourself?


I sent an email to my list last week essentially thanking them for sticking around while I was doing my One To Many Partner launch.


It got SO many responses and so many people thanking ME that I felt it warranted it’s own episode because the exact same message goes out to you my glorious listener.  


I so appreciate you and it really did lead to what I think, id a really good point!


So I’m going to read it to you and expand on it a little so you can ponder what you might want to take from it.  And if you’re not on my list, go pop yourself on there by downloading my stressed to success guided meditation to get you out of stress fast.  You can find it in my Instagram bio @imfranexcell.  You can find it in the show notes, on my website, all the places!


So here we go...


I know I've been ALLLLLLLL up in your inbox lately (slash, in your earbuds talking about OTM!) and you're still here :-)


So I want to say a huge thank you!  Even if One to Many wasn't for you this time, I hope you still got some value from my emails (slash interviews!), or even better, are coming back next year.  I don't take you allowing me into your inbox (slash earbuds!) lightly, I see it as a massive privilege so thank you for being here!


BUT...I think it leads nicely onto a good point...


It's really easy to fear selling to your audience so I wanted to give you a little reframe today. (this also easily applies to selling yourself in job interviews too!)


When you have a solution to someone's problem...what's worse.  Telling them...or not telling them?


The way I see it, if you have a way to help someone out of pain, why would you NOT tell them about it?!  


It's up to them if they want to buy or not.  You’re not forcing them. But they do need the information to be able to make the right choice for them.


I was selling my friend Lisa’s programme because (having been through it myself, led an accountability pod, been the mindset coach and led my own cohort of people through it and seeing it from all angles!) I KNOW it can change lives and I KNOW it's not like other courses out there.  I KNOW Lisa holds herself to the highest standard of integrity so I wholeheartedly trust that she will do right by my audience.  I KNOW she prioritises people's results rather than just the money in the bank (I mean that's nice too of course...she made £2.5m in a WEEK!) I KNOW her and her team will do everything they can to get MY audience results. Easy sell for me!


How easy do you find it to sell yourself, your products or your service?  


Sit with that for a second.


I feel the same confidence nowadays when I'm selling my own products and services.  I 100% believe in them.  I 100% believe in the transformation it can give people.  I KNOW I do everything in my power to help people get results.  I KNOW I prioritise people over pennies.  I KNOW my unique combination of skills, knowledge, training, education and experience changes lives and is unique to me, I'm not a cookie cutter dime a dozen.


So I will do my best to let people know how I can help them.  Because I KNOW I can help them! (For context, I want to change nothing more than people walking around believing and feeling like they are the way they are and do the things they do because there’s something wrong with them. Something inherently flawed. That the things they want are out of reach for them but not for other people.  I spent the majority of my life believing that about myself and it’s incredibly painful.  It’s also not flipping true!  So if I can help even one person understand it’s not their fault.  That they can rewire their brian and nervous system to live a full, rich life doing exactly what they want then I will do everything I can to help that person know that. When the penny drops and they know they can make huge changes, that they aren’t stuck, that the things that hold them back make sense, helped them at one point in their life and can be healed now...then I shall let them know!)


It wasn't always that way, I get how hard it is at the beginning, I've been there.  Doubting your ability to give someone transformation.  Doubting your ability to deliver.  Questioning yourself at every turn.


The confidence I have now wasn't there to start with.  I THOUGHT I could really help people because I'd helped myself, but I didn't KNOW it like I do now.  So I discounted my rates until I got my 'reps' in. 


I didn't start HERE....but I did START!


So if you're reading (slash listening to!) this thinking you'll never be able to sell.  Worrying about people who unsubscribe, worrying if people will judge you or not like you for selling...stop.  


You're still here aren't you?


I sent you a lot of emails (talked about OTM a LOT!), Maybe you didn't read them all, maybe you did.  But you're still here.


And those that unsubscribed...probably didn't need my solutions! And that's ok, it's not a judgement on me or who I am as a person if they don't want my emails anymore!...same goes for you!


The bottom line is, the more you believe in yourself and your product or service the easier it is to talk about it.  That's all selling really is, it's telling someone you have a solution to their problem and helping them make a decision.


We sell to people all the time without realising it.  To our loved ones, friends, family. We help them when we know there's a potential solution to their problem right?!


It's really not that different!


So if you have a fear or belief around selling I hope this little reframe helps. 


You can also find all my current 'solutions' for in the show notes, on my website, over on Instagram ;-)


We often fear sales because of how we’ve felt when being sold to.  But the thing people don’t realise….is you don’t have to sell that way! 


But also, because we don’t really believe in our own products or services. The confidence lies there.  So that’s the piece of the puzzle to work on.  You can have all the sales skills and strategy in the world but you’ve got to believe in what you do first!


Selling to someone thinking ‘I need to get this sale’ or ‘I need the money’ or thinking that that sale ‘validates’ you in some way has a VERY different energy to ‘I know I can help this person so i’m going to make sure they know how so they can make the best decision for them’


So just remember that the next time you’re in a launch, or on a discovery call, or in an interview.  Do I believe I can solve this person's problem?  If so, tell them!