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Mar 8, 2021

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Stop Waiting To Have All The Answers!


Stop waiting to have all the answers before you put yourself out there.  I absolutely understand the tendency but you WILL end up wasting time and holding yourself back.


So, today i’m going to give you some reasons why waiting is NOT a good thing and a few practical things to do to just get you going.


There’s a couple of subjects in particular I see come up with every single client who is new to their business.


Without fail.


So i’m going to save you some time.


The main ‘worries’ I see are these three:


I don’t know what my niche is

I don’t know who my ideal client is

I don’t know what my programme is


So I absolutely understand the tendency to just not take action until you figure this out.


BUT...the trick to figuring this stuff out IS taking action!


So I want you to let go of needing to think you’ve got everything nailed before you put yourself out there.


Let go of that attachment.


You just don’t need it and it WILL hold you back.


This is what beta programmes and prices are for!


Reduce the price, let people know you’re beta testing your product/service/programme and they get that discount in exchange for their feedback, testimonials and the fact that they know you will be tweaking and testing a little as you go.


If you think a beta test means it’s ‘LESS than’ the full programme, let go of that too.  I LOVE signing up to a beta because you often get MORE attention, you’re there to say what you want more or less of so you get to shape it to your needs AND you get the cheaper price.




So...let me talk a little bit about the three key areas.


Firstly, your niche.


In all honesty how are you supposed to know this before you’ve worked with anyone?  Give yourself a break.


Yes you need the IDEA of what you THINK you want your niche to be but you have to be 100% open to finding out it doesn’t work for you.


For example, when I first started out I wanted my niche to be corporate women in their late 20s-30s who hate their job and were going through the motions thinking they were SUPPOSED to hate Mon-Fri and live for the weekend.


Societal conditioning everywhere you look is that pretty’re not meant to enjoy what you do!  It’s a means to an end. might think, ‘oooh that’s a great niche, I absolutely see how much those people need help and can benefit from what I offer’.




Two problems here.  ONE, they don’t actually know they have a problem!




They think they’re supposed to feel how they do, it’s normal, they’re supposed to have dreams of a career change or starting a business or writing a book but it’s unattainable because you’re not supposed to do what you love.  You’re certainly not supposed to make money from it.


So this makes marketing super difficult!  You’re constantly in persuade and educate mode around the fact they have a problem in the first place.


They’re hard to find because they aren’t the ones hanging out in groups or on insta searching for a solution...because they don’t know they have a problem that CAN be fixed. 


Second problem with this as a niche is they aren’t in the coaching world...they don’t know the cost!  It’s also not a priority. We always pay for the things that are a priority right, not just a nice to have.


So when I did my market research I found they thought coaching would be about £30-£50 per session, they thought they MIGHT pay about what they’d pay for a personal training session.


You can see the issue here right?!


SO...I only really worked this out by doing the market research and working with clients at a beta rate. niche now is the SAME PERSON….just 20 steps further ahead.


So she’s usually ex corporate or been successful in some way.  KNOWS she wants to start a business or is already running one but now her problem is new.


She’s sabotaging her own success.  She’s getting in her own way.  She knows what to do but she’s not doing it.


So you see how this is FAR more of a pain point.  If you want to run a business you need to have clients, you need to use some form of content and/or social media, you need to ask people to pay you for your services.  You need to do all these things that are new, outside your comfort zone and scary. 


NOW the pain point is strong!  


So you see? You don’t know this stuff until you DO the stuff and work with some people, with curiosity!  To see if you actually LIKE working with that niche.  To see what the issues are with that niche in terms of messaging.


But it’s going in with an open mind, knowing who you THINK it is you want to work with and taking it from there.


This is exactly the same for Ideal clients. 


You just don’t know until you actually start working with people.  And different people so you can see what you love doing and what drives you bonkers.


YES you need to know your ideal client really well, you need to get in their heads to crack your messaging need to allow yourself the time to ACTUALLY get to know them first.  They may drive you nuts!


With both niching and ideal client I want you to think of it as a dart board too.  Yes you’re aiming for the bullseye still win points outside of the bullseye right?!


So my ideal client is a female business owner.  She’s holding herself back, self sabotaging and running off adrenaline! So it becomes, I help female business owners overcome self sabotage and stress less.


That doesn’t mean I don’t work with men, I do!


That doesn’t mean I don’t work with people who aren’t business owners, I do! 


You see?  They identify with the PROBLEM.  


I also have people at the very beginning of their journey, people who have been at it a couple of years right up to multi 7 figure business owners. New level, new devil and it’s the SAME issues at each stage.  BUT my services and the products i’m launching are for each of those different steps along the journey.


Which leads me nicely onto feeling like you need to have your programmes and services frameworks nailed too. This is why we have beta testers.


You don’t truly know all the steps to get a client from A to B before you’ve worked with some.


The common roadblocks that come up.


All of this HELPS you to create your programmes because you identify the need, the want and the problem.


You can have an idea of what that’s going to be but you often won’t know the exact steps until you’ve actually done it yourself!


My NICER framework (Notice, Identify, Challenge/curiosity, Evolve/empathise and Rewire/regulate) genuinely took me years to realise.  Now I'm trademarking it.


I couldn’t have come up with it at the beginning. I worked with hundreds of people before I really saw the patterns and commonalities between them all.  Because each client is so different and presents a totally unique set of circumstances and yet they are all struggling in exactly the same way.  


So let go of needing to have all the answers to your exact niche and your exact ideal client and your exact programmes.  The start of your journey is the fun bit.  It’s also the scariest but it’s supposed to be fun.  Approached with curiosity.


We make up all these stories about what it means to niche and have an ideal client, YES they are necessary.  BUT you don’t have to nail it fresh out the gate, you aren’t married to it, you get to change it AND you will still hit people on other parts of the dartboard!


I’ve wanted to start a membership since day one of my business.  Day one.  That was the business model I wanted.  But I also know what I want for my life, what success looks like to me and there were a few pieces of the puzzle that I couldn’t get to slot into place...until now.


I’ve also got my course framework now, my book framework. The Positive Pants Planner is coming this year. The mastermind I'll be launching with 2 other amazing business owners who believe the same things I do about business. 


It’s all there, and it will all be actioned in it’s own time. You do not have to have this all figured out straight away.


AND….now i’m EXCITED about each and every one of these products BECAUSE i’ve allowed myself to really be curious.  Make sure i’m not doing anything for the sake of it.  Make sure it totally aligns and makes sense with me and what I want for my life.


There’s no point doing this if it’s not fun.  You’ll just create yourself another job and the tax is far better there ha!  


This is a lifestyle, not just something you do so allowing yourself time and curiosity and it will feel SO much easier for you.


Give yourself a break.


Take action without a need to get it right the first time and allow yourself to see what works and what doesn’t for you.


Yes you need a niche, yes you need to know your ideal clients, yes you need to make what you offer tangible.  All important stuff.


But you’ll NEVER get there if you don’t allow yourself to work with some people first.  To experiment, to observe yourself with curiosity.


Go do the thing. I  believe in you!


And if you want to know anything more about the membership, drop me an email at because i’m in research mode AND will be looking for beta testers ;-)