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Nov 14, 2022

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Things To Pay Attention To Daily


There are some simple things to pay attention to daily that, when you do, can really have a huge effect on your life and the way you feel.


If you’ve been listening to me for any amount of time you’ll know my passion is helping people be a little more conscious of the way we tick as humans, how society forms a lot of our opinions and ways of thinking and how our childhood and experiences do the same.


The vast majority of the world is roaming around completely unaware of themselves. 


And you simply can’t change anything when you’re existing on auto pilot.


When those same negative thoughts and beliefs are looping in your brain.


I believe that we are all capable of change. But it starts with awareness.  Consciousness. 


This is why I love the Enneagram so much because it shortcuts so much of the awareness piece and it is so transformative because once you know…you know!


You can’t unlearn it.


Add to that the huge self compassion and self understanding that comes with it and the compassion for others


We kind of walk around believing that everyone thinks the same way we do. 


At the same time we know it couldn’t be further from the truth based on our experiences.


There are a few things that you can start to really pay attention to daily that will help with the awareness piece. 


It will also help you consistently keep moving towards incremental growth and to be able to notice little incremental changes that you can make on a daily basis to keep moving you towards the life you want to live.


Whatever that looks like for you.


For me it’s peace, ease and flexibility.  Happiness. Calm. 


It might look different for you but that is my inner compass.  Knowing that means I can ask myself the right questions on a daily basis of if what I'm doing is moving me towards or away from that.


So let’s go through a few of the things you can start to notice daily now.


Notice what gives you energy.


This might be something you physically do.  It could be certain people you’re around.  It might be certain things you eat or drink.


For me some of the things that give me energy are really looking after myself through exercise.  Even when I don’t want to do it, I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.  I feel sluggish when I haven’t moved. 


Mr Milo doggo pants gives me energy.


Being outside gives me energy.  Sunlight gives me energy.


Earl grey tea in the morning somehow gives me energy…which is totally psychosomatic because I drink decaf ha!


Being with my girlfriends gives me energy. Great conversation gives me energy.


Singing and dancing gives me energy.


So how does noticing this help?  Well, when you KNOW what gives you energy and you also know you want to have more of it you can consciously do more of the things that give you energy!


Notice what saps your energy


Same thing, This might be something you physically do.  It could be certain people you’re around.  It might be certain things you eat or drink.


Junk food saps my energy.  Doesn’t mean I don’t eat it…comfort eating was something I learned at a very young age and I get a lot of joy from my food BUT I’m sensible about how much and when.  I know when it could be problematic for me. As an example, i’d never eat junk food if i’ve got client calls. It totally saps my energy and I want to be on top form!  In fact any big meal in the day does so I save that for my dinner.  Otherwise I need a nap! That’s just me…i’m not advising you to do the same ha!


I’m super tuned into people’s authenticity so when I'm around someone whoI feel isn’t authentic I politely make my excuses to leave. The same applies to small talk.  If it’s not a genuine connection I struggle. I actually want to start another podcast for in depth interviews for people who feel the same.  This is one of the reasons I often struggle in the online industry and if I don’t feel like I can be super genuine or authentic I don’t really want to show up. I’m not labelling that as good, bad, right or wrong…just interesting to notice. 


There’s some obvious things too like not enough sleep or a hangover of course but i’m talking about the slightly more subtle energy suckers. They’re the things you really want to notice.


When you understand these things about yourself you can make changes or seek the solutions that get around those obstacles. Without the awareness you aren’t able to do that.


Notice what makes you feel grateful


Same, same! The what’s and the who’s that you might take for granted. When you intentionally seek gratitude you wire your brain to find more of it. 


Notice what makes you not feel good about yourself


This is a biggie and something that often remains unconscious and on autopilot until you see it and are able to challenge it. Things can feel so ‘normal’ to us that it’s not questioned. It’s a feeling we’re so used to that we forget we have a choice to be around it or not.


Notice what brings you joy


My favourite. I’ve been talking a lot recently about chasing joy. It’s something we can so easily have, without it having to cost anything, and yet it’s so easily overlooked.


Chase it, intentionally. Seek the little things that bring you joy. When you notice them you’ll be amazed how much joy you can bring into your life even when things feel hard! 


Notice what’s not working for you


Another one I talk about a lot. Sometimes we can feel a low level of dissatisfaction without actually being conscious of what specifically is causing it. 


When you get to the root of it you can do something about it! This is another one I talk about a lot. Check out the sunk cost fallacy episode next if this one strikes a chord.


Notice how you feel after doing certain things


This is genuinely how I got into my exercise habit. Well, most of the habits I have now to be fair. It’s very easy to focus on things feeling like a bit of a ‘chore’ or like something you HAVE to do.  Noticing how you feel AFTER doing them vs the before is the game changer.


I feel 10x better in myself after exercise, meditation, heartmath, sitting in the hottub at the gym. This is again how you move incrementally towards feeling more of how you want to feel.  Notice it and try to name the feeling. 


I don’t exercise to lose weight.  Even though I piled it on over the pandemic and with my bad knees. It’s simply a glorious side effect to something I'm doing anyway now. Shift the focus. Notice how it makes you feel.


Notice where you feel resistant


Finally for today is this one. Where do you feel resistant?  What specifically are you resisting? There are a lot of clues in your resistance!


So, there we have it.  This isn’t exhaustive of course but my goodness if you start to notice some of these things the changes can be phenomenal.


So enjoy your noticing this week! 


As always if you want a little help on the self awareness front you can book in an Enneagram Essentials call with me. You, me, an hour and a half of helping you understand your unconscious programming and how to go about creating changes…glorious! You’ll find the link in the show notes, on the @enneagramandexcell instagram link or just pop me a DM and I'll send it to you!




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