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Dec 13, 2021

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How Experimenting Brings You Success


How experimenting brings you success.


I was in London on Wednesday having great conversations with people and I was talking about how I love doing what I call ‘experiments’ in my business.


If you’ve been with me a while you’ll know i’m pretty firm on my boundaries and not doing things that don’t sit right with me and/or my values.


If I don’t like something marketing wise, I won’t do it to my audience because they’re likely to be like me!


So I often conduct little experiments around new or different ways to do things.


I prefer to not follow the crowd and stay in my own lane.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done, yes. 


As an example, I know having a big free facebook group definitely works and makes things quicker and easier.  So to start with I followed the crowd.  


But I hated it. I hated being on Facebook so much because it is NOT my happy place. I have small, intimate groups for paid offerings but I don’t have a big free group.


I accept that it could make things easier, but it’s not me, it’s not how I like to work OR where I like to hang out.  So being honest with myself about that means I can get creative.


So a lot of my business is figuring out ways that I can have the outcome I want, AND stay in line with my values and where I want to be and how I want to communicate with people.


So sometimes I’ll do experiments of totally different ways to do things.  Just to see what happens.  No attachment to the outcome.  No attaching meaning to if it does or doesn’t work.


What you might be able to see here is with that attitude, things can be a little easier.


It means you have to be open to ‘failure’ and open to things bombing.


But it also means you might stumble on some gold!


It might mean that you find YOUR way of doing things for YOU, your business and that your audience loves.


The difference is curiosity (which I'm always talking about...the antidote to judgment!) and the willingness to ‘fail’.


Where are you so attached to the outcome that you’re tied up in knots and making that outcome MEAN something about you or your business?


Launches sometimes flop.  There will always be valuable information in that experience.  Always.


Sometimes things go WAY better than you expected.  Guess what...there’s valuable information in there too.


I did a post on Instagram this week, a little reminder that nothing has any meaning, except the meaning YOU give it.


It’s you that makes it good, bad, right or wrong.


When we attach our businesses, our audience size, our turn over or anything else to our identity, that’s where we can get in a pickle.


It’s WAY more fun too to treat things as an experiment.  Yes it can be an educated experiment, a nice hypothesis to start with, you need to be able to see that it COULD work...and then being open to see what happens.


Another reason we can attach so much meaning to outcomes is because we’re not staying in our own lane. 


We’re worrying about what other people think.  We’re doing ‘If this happens then that happens’ thinking.  


The most successful people are the ones that are willing to experiment, willing to fail, and don’t make it mean anything about themselves in the process.


Of course we want our experiments to go well.  Of course we do.  But, the trouble comes when we make the outcome validate our own sense of worthiness.   Making ourselves good enough or not good enough.


How different does it feel going into something thinking ‘I wonder what happens’ vs ‘I NEED this to happen’?


Big difference internally right?


My next experiment is coming up in January and you’re more than welcome to be a part of it. In fact, I'd love it if you were! If you’re on my email list you already know a bit about this.


Lot of people have been doing advent calendars in the lead up to Chrismtas.  I was having a conversation with the hubs about how Winter is so much tougher once the festive season has gone.  January tends to see lots of people feeling down so I wanted to change that.


Every year I talk about my contempt for new years resolutions because they are usually shame based.  Based on what you think is ‘wrong’ with you.  But most people don’t talk about the fact that 95-99% of everything you do is run by your unconscious.  You’re on autopilot.  The behavior will have served a purpose at some point.  


It will make sense.


When you understand neuroplasticity and the brain and body’s way of rewiring new neural’d give yourself a break and allow it to take a little time.


It’s not about all or nothing.  It’s not about getting rid of EVERYTHING and doing the opposite.


It’s bit by bit, piece by piece. A conscious new way of being every day over time.


So I'm gonna get you started with the Positive Pants January Jump Start.


This is based on how I started my journey to rewiring my brain back in 2014.  I just did one small thing per day and lived by it, just for the day.


Then it stuck.  Back then I didn’t understand neuroplasticity so didn’t understand why it worked.  So I'm giving this  little gift to you and I hope you love it.


Every day in January I'm going to send you a tool, a technique, a reframe, a book recommendation, a resource, a journaling could be anything!  Like an advent calendar outside of advent.  We’re going to extend the festive cheer and do something small every day that’s going to help you rewire your thoughts and form new habits.


Me in your inbox on the daily for 31 days...I promise to keep it short and sweet and super helpful.


So if you want in on that the link is in the show notes or you can head to


I hope to see you there!


So, where in your business might you be able to run a little experiment?  Without an attachment to the outcome, just to see what happens? To see what works and what doesn’t?  To give yourself valuable feedback and information without making it mean anything about you or your business? Where could you make it fun? Just some food for thought for you.




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