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May 13, 2020

Bounce Back Series: Caroline Carlsen, Start Up Business Mentor



You can find more about the lovely Caroline here:

Welcome back to The Bounce Back Series on The Positive Pants Podcast.


Today I have a little treat for you from a former client of mine, Caroline Carlsen.


We're talking all about how to bounce back when your dream becomes more of a nightmare. 


How to have the courage to pivot when you realise you've created something you don't really want and the courage to get things wrong, knowing it will lead you to exactly where you need to go.


Caroline is a multi-passionate business coach and owner of an award-winning (and super freaking cute) Scandinavian Cafe in Glasgow. 


She started her own journey into self-discovery and finding her purpose by taking a big leap of faith into the unknown.


Now, she helps passionate entrepreneurs do the same by teaching them how to have the confidence to take their side hustle full time and replace their 9-5 income.


You can find more about the lovely Caroline here: