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Aug 1, 2022

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Are You Following Your Joy?


Are you following your joy in your business?


I talk about this a lot. 


Firstly because I feel like it’s actually something that gets ignored far too often.  


Secondly because there’s so much nuance to where you get your joy. 


What brings you joy will shift and change as you shift and change.


As well what doesn’t. 


There have been some things recently that haven’t been bringing me joy anymore and when I started to pay attention to that I asked myself a few questions.


Firstly I asked, What no longer brings me joy, and why?


It’s no secret there are lots of things I see as problematic in the online industry in terms of bro marketing, scarcity marketing, people intentionally putting people into a trauma response to get them to buy.


Some days you can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. 


I’m not on Facebook much except for my paid programmes but every time I go on there it’s full of things that makes me wonder for a second if i’m back at school and i’m really not here for it. 


Calling people out publicly. Mob mentality. Being nice to someone’s face and talking badly behind their back.


It’s a no from me thank you.


I’ve been trying to ‘untangle’ the things and places that make me feel like i’m caught up in it so I can get back in my own lane and protect my own space.


At the end of the day it stems from unconscious programmes and protection mechanisms that can be absolutely empathised with but i’d rather not be around it.


People understanding psychology or trauma and using psychological manipulation or poking trauma isn’t something I can get on board with. 


So i’ve been muting and unfollowing lots of people and accounts.  I’ve been making it as easy as possible on myself to not see it. Not to create an eco chamber.  I’m totally here for new perspectives on things, my ability to see things from all sides is something I consider a super power. It’s to protect my own energy.


So being honest with myself about what’s NOT sparking joy right now is something I see as a really important part of this process. 


Next up I asked myself, What does bring me joy and am I giving it enough attention?


The first thing in my business that really brings me joy is in person time. I can get some serious magic done with someone in person and I love it.  It’s just a totally different vibe. 


So the Mentorship absolutely covers this with the retreat and then 2 more in person days. 


My VIP in person days bring me SO much joy. 4 hours, you me and a tonne of tea (or fizz!) picking things apart and putting it back together again based around you, what you want for your business and your life. Cutting out the noise and other people’s ‘shoulds’ and getting you focused on what needs to happen, without trying to sell your soul or do a tonne of things you really don’t want to.  Because, guess what…you won’t!


Doing my monthly ‘ask me anything calls’ inside my membership and our calls with our mentees on The Mentorship I love too. 


But there is something that REALLY sparks joy that i’ve been publicly holding back on. Something that I use ALL the time with all my clients and in conversation when I meet people. 


It’s my little secret weapon and brings me SO much joy when I introduce people to it. 


So this was a little revelation. So I had a little dig into why I wasn’t following that joy and really there was no good reason other than I used it with my private clients and the thought that not that many people were familiar with it.


So next up I asked, What could happen if I did give it more attention?


And that’s when the light bulbs went off. 


SO much could happen if I give it more attention but also, even if all that potential great stuff doesn’t happen…i’m still following my joy.  I’m still going deeper into something that brings ME joy. 


So why the eff not?!


So i’m coming out of my joy closet with you today while I practice what I preach.


The thing that sparks joy as someone who is obsessed with personal growth and development, passionate about helping people uncover their unconscious programming so they can consciously change it and someone who is also obsessed with wellbeing and being able to understand and listen to your own needs…is The Enneagram.


If you’re thinking WTF is The Enneagram don’t you worry i’ve got you covered.  I’ll do an episode on it very soon but in the meantime yesterday I started a new Instagram and Tiktok profile @enneagramandexcell and i’m going to be talking all about it. 


The first step in any change is awareness and The Enneagram is one of my favourite tools for short cutting that.


Every client I introduce it to and work with around it finds it a total game changer for creating self awareness, reducing the nasty inner self talk, creating self compassion and finding compassion for other people too.  Go follow me over @enneagramandexcell I have no idea where it’s going to take me just yet but i’m excited to find out. 


Nothing else changes i’m just practicing what I preach and following the joy and experimenting with no attachment to the outcome and I hope you come join me :-)


So, I invite you to do the same exercise. 


Follow the tingles and don’t ignore the Meh’s. 


Everything is always moving you towards where you’re supposed to be.  


It’s not realistic to think that you’re always going to love everything in your business.  Or that you won’t change your mind.  Or want to pivot totally. You grow and change, so does your business. 


You get to be happy doing what you do.