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Feb 10, 2020


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It’s not a gap in knowledge, it’s a gap in execution!


It’s not a gap in your knowledge, it’s a gap in your execution.


This is something that has been coming up a lot recently, people jumping from course to course, challenge to challenge, book to book  collecting information upon information.


Doesn’t sound SO bad right?? 


No, and if it really IS a gap in your knowledge then totally cool...but IS it really?


The trouble comes when you think you have to know ALL the things before you take ANY action...when you’re not implementing the things you learn!


You information gather, continuously…


Without actually taking the next steps.


Which means you don’t move forwards as quickly as you like.  


Always chasing that one missing piece without acknowledging that the missing piece and reason for you watching people overtake you and then thinking you’re ‘less than’ is actually purely because you aren’t taking the action.  


You aren’t executing on the things you DO know.  So you aren’t moving!


But the reality is usually you just need to identify the main missing piece right now, that thing that if you did it it would be a big step forward...learn and take action and implement on THAT!


I got caught in this trap too, it’s very easily done, especially in the beginning of trying to achieve all these big things.  


In all honesty, right at the start of your journey you probably don’t need the speaker training over the course that helps you lay out all your foundations and understand where speaking actually fits into that and your business model.


You probably need to work on your mindset gremlins and confidence so you can actually take the action before you learn the ins and outs of facebook ads and complicated funnels.


It’s all part of my grand master simplification plan ha!  We over complicate EVERYTHING and it just doesn’t need to be that way.  


It’s ALL useful information of course, but perhaps invest time and money into the things that can help you move forward NOW so you don’t then start getting into the traps of mindset gremlins telling you you aren’t good enough because you’re NOT moving.


You can see how counterintuitive it all is and yet consciously seems totally reasonable at the time.


It’s the biggest contributor to good old shiny object syndrome. 


But the thing is, this can be a BIG unconscious self sabotage trap.  


It’s super pesky because outwardly it really looks like you’re taking action to learn all these new things, you’re ‘starting before you’re ready’, you’re seizing opportunities like courses, programmes and events and you convince yourself that you NEED them.


But you learn, you feel good about learning, then you don’t take any action and by the time you might USE that knowledge it’s totally out of date or you forget you even learned it in the first place.


Whether it’s business courses, personal development or whatever it is for you you’re constantly seeking that missing piece and that’s the trap.


I’ll launch my dream when I've got or done X, Y, Z.  


Constantly feeling like just ‘one more’ event, book or course will give you that one piece of information that you just don’t have yet.


You sit there nodding in the audience at the events saying ‘yep, yep, uh huh’ you know you know it.  


It FEELS good because you’re validating your knowledge BUT you still feel like you don’t have enough to take the action.


You can see how easy it is to get addicted to this stuff.  


That’s why I've heard it termed ‘shelf-development’ ha! 


You buy the book, read it, think ‘that was great’ but then you DON’T IMPLEMENT and carry on looking for other, quicker, easier answers with the book with all the answers sitting there on the shelf.


The answers are in the implementation!


Self awareness is SO important, i’d say it’s the number one tool that you need in your business. 


It’s ABSOLUTELY one of the things to work on constantly and hone.  There’s always more answers to be found. Patterns to be uncovered. 


If you’re not self aware you can get caught in ALL sorts of traps by your own gremlins.


If you ARE you can overcome your ego, you can catch yourself in self sabotage, you can catch yourself in habitual behaviours you want to change.  


You give yourself power and choice back over your own outcomes.


I’m ALWAYS checking in with myself.  


Always checking ‘do I actually need this right now?’  If the answer is no I switch off the emails or notifications for that thing.


‘Is this in line with that ONE goal that I know is the difference?’ 


‘Is this me self sabotaging or working from an unconscious pattern or something that really would be useful right now?’


I’m ALWAYS asking myself questions, checking in with my gut, checking in with my first reactions and approaching it all with curiosity.


It’s all there to tell me what I need to know BUT it’s so important to be able to distinguish because it helps you prioritise, helps you make decisions from an informed place rather than one of emotion. 


In the long run it’s highly likely to save you a lot of time and money, and get you where you want to be more quickly.


I know how easy it is with sales tactics today and scarcity that even if you DON’T need it and you KNOW you don’t need it it’s really easy to cave to temptation for all the rational ‘well I won’t go through it live but it’s there when I need it in the future.’


At the end of the day, that course MIGHT be for you, but maybe just not right now.


When you ARE ready to implement what it teaches you might have found a better option, the stratgey may have changed, you may have changed your mind about the direction you want to go.  So many variables!


This has happened to me SO many times so I am talking from experience here and I DO feel your pain, ha! 


Like I say, I really got caught in this trap before I realised and became aware of what I was doing.  It cost me a LOT of money ha!


The main reason you might not be doing something is you need to know the next step but you want to know ALL the steps. 


Things don’t just happen to you because you’ve learned something, YOU make them happen.  


It’s all in the execution.  


The trial and error.  


The willingness to take the action and see what happens and know you’re either going to get everything you were hoping for or some valuable actually doesn’t matter because it’s all one step closer.


I’m MUCH better at what I do BECAUSE i’ve allowed myself to make mistakes, to fail, to try things out and let go of an attachment to the outcome.  


It’s like I keep saying, approach things with curiosity over expectation.  


All those hugely successful people you see, their overnight success is years of trial and error and mistakes.  


You just get the highlight reel so don’t be afraid to take the action, there really is no such thing as failure.


So catch yourself in those moments where you’re telling yourself you ‘need’ another event or course to be able to do what you want to do. 


What’s the point in paying to learn something you’re then not going to use? 


What could happen for you if you DO execute and implement? 


This question can be used twofold.  One if it’s all positive and glorious then THAT is your motivation to take action.  If what you see is scary then use the answer to unearth some unconscious beliefs and fears and CHALLENGE them.  Either way it’s SO helpful.


What gloriousness is on the other side of fear and self sabotage?


What are the beliefs that are really holding you back from implementing?


It’s not a gap in your knowledge...i’m pretty confident if this has resonated with you in any way you already know your stuff, you just need to back yourself to take action, to make mistakes and see what happens.  


Sure there’s strategy behind those mistakes but people only learn the strategies in the first place from executing and analysing what worked and what didn’t.  


Fail first, fail fast, fail forward ;-)